I got my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE today and of course, I rooted.  Rooting went well, so I moved onto installing my standard suite of applications including ROM Manager and by virtue ClockworkMod Recovery.

In my zeal, I didn’t do any research on compatibility and flashed away.  After the successful flash, I started an initial backup.  From there it went downhill.  The backup process rebooted into a boot loop which only had the screen back light turning on/off.

Google and XDA to the rescue!  Found this thread describing my issue and what I did exactly.  Thanks to a gentleman by the name of mattj949, he posted a recovery image for the 10.1 LTE device that includes CWM and root.

Taking his image and a copy of Odin3 1.85 (as recommended), I proceeded to perform my recovery.

  1. Boot your LTE Tab into “Download” mode.

From powered off, press and hold power and volume up until the icons appear.
The Download icon will be select by default, press Volume Down.
You will get a warning saying you can break stuff, press Volume UP.
Plug in the USB cable to your computer.
Put down the tablet.

  1. Run odin as administrator.

  2. Click the PDA button and point it to the image.

  3. Click Start.

If everything goes well, it will reboot automatically and CWM will be working.