Some time ago, I moved to using Keepass for all of my password safe needs and it has been fantastic.  I have only a few minor issues with it, but those will be fixed in time I am sure.  But this post isn’t about the awesomeness of Keepass, this is about the awesomeness of a connection manager that integrates with Keepass!

In my journey to find better tools to mange my ever growing list of servers, I have investigated numerous connection management tools.  Recently I came across Remote Desktop Manager and I found the one (for now)!  RDM does all of the things that all of the others do just fine.  It has some idiosyncrasies, but that is expected of any product.  To its benefit, the developers are very active on the forums and listens to everyone’s suggestions.  Bugs and features get implemented.  Very cool to see that unfold in a single forum post.

What makes RDM stand out is that it integrates with password management utilities and it isn’t just one or two.  1Password, Keepass, LastPass, Firefox, Chrome, Password Safe and several others.  What this means is, I click a stored connection and it pulls the Username and Password out of my safe and applies it the connection.  For example, I have a RDP session saved to my local DC.  When I click the connection, it prompts me to unlock my safe it is locked, and pulls the username/password out, populates the appropriate fields and establishes the connection.  One click and I am logging in.  Fucking awesome to say the lest.  Now you might point out that others will store usernames and passwords and do all of that for you and to that you are correct.  They will store them for you.  The big deal here is, I am not defeating the purpose of a password safe by having to manage passwords all over the place.

I am a little dissapointed that it isn’t OSS, but not everything can be and this is an app that I am willing to pay for.

They give a 30 day trial.  It takes a little effort to get started. It offers Dropbox integration and actually a wide variety of ways to store sessions and credentials.  It would be a great tools for teams.  A shared connection list and a little clever use of password safe integration, you could have a mean productivity tool.